Bad Agence de communication Carcassonne Seven Deadly Sins: What You Do Not Know Can Harm Your Business!

A commercial for food that makes you hungry. Unsolicited advertising that makes you wonder what the product is and how to avoid it. We’ve all seen poor ads, whether it’s on a billboard or in a magazine advertisement. Yes, another graphic design disaster!

An Agence de communication Carcassonne disaster is the fastest way to waste marketing dollars or lead to bad advertising. Everyone has made a mistake in graphic design, from large corporations to small businesses. However, big corporations don’t have the budget to spend as much on advertising than small businesses. The large amount of money they spent on an ineffective Super Bowl advertisement doesn’t affect their bottom line.

Graphic design can seem complicated, confusing, and complex if you have never worked with a team of graphic designers before. Professional sign shops or graphic shops are skilled in turning your ideas into reality and can help you understand each step of the graphic design process. I can help you understand the complexities and answer common questions to ensure that your small business gets the best advertising ROI. Learn how to avoid these common pitfalls and the “seven deadly sins” of graphic design.

Sin #1 – Graphic design doesn’t matter.

I disagree. Every marketing campaign should communicate clearly your message. This communication starts with good design. Good design visualizes your marketing strategy. Bad design doesn’t. Good design establishes your brand’s legitimacy; bad design undermines it. If you don’t execute your design properly, even the most innovative marketing ideas will fail. Graphic design must have a clear purpose and specific goals, whether it is driving sales, promoting products, or defining brands.

Graphic design is fundamentally about: (1) enhancing your brand’s image, (2) making your business stand out among your competitors, and (3) convincingly selling your messages to customers through strong emotional appeal. The best designs trigger an emotional and subconscious response in the viewer. This all leads to one thing: a more successful small business.

Sin #2 – Cheap designers can be just as good as high-end designers

You get what your pay for. Graphic design is no exception to this old saying. Graphic design should not be considered an expense but an investment in the future of your company. What would you do if your neighbor offered to help with your taxes? The answer is likely no, unless he is a certified accountant. Graphic design is the same.

Don’t attempt to design your logo if you’re not a professional graphic designer. A professional design team should create the logo and other marketing materials. You can’t get the most bang for your buck without looking cheap. Your goal when advertising your small business with vehicle wraps and window perforations is to reduce costs, not improve quality. Don’t risk your brand’s reputation by using sub-standard design. No matter what your graphic needs are, don’t let them ruin your brand. Hire professionals.

Sin #3 – Learning the lingo is a waste.

Learning basic design terminology can help you get the most bang for your buck and make it easier to understand the process. Graphic design terminology can be confusing, from vector images to preflight approval. We didn’t understand all the terms when we started out in the design industry. Below are some terms you will find useful to help you understand the design process and get the best result.

Vector images – A vector image is one that uses basic geometric shapes such as lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, and polygons. A vector image is made from shapes and does not require pixels. This means that the same high resolution resolution is maintained even when the image has been enlarged. Vector images are useful because they can be easily modified during design. Vector images are important if you have a logo and/or an image. Although this is an additional charge, we can convert certain graphic files into vector format.

Matching color – You will need to match your vehicle wrap or window letters to the color of any advertising collateral or logos you may have printed. Bring a sample to verify the exact color match. A sample can only be matched accurately if it is seen in person. Colors can differ from one computer to another based on the monitor. It is important to understand the importance of color matching for your brand and ensure that you do it correctly the first time.

Preflight A design is considered ‘preflight’ when it is at its final stages before printing. This means that a production team checks the final dimensions and colors before printing. After an image passes through pre-flight inspection, it is impossible to make any major design changes.

Sin #4 – I don’t plan ahead.

Planning is the key to a successful design job. Tell your great ideas! Good design companies will take your idea from conception to completion. It is best to visit the shop to view samples and to talk with them in person. Bring your vehicle in if you are interested in a custom vehicle wrap. They can take precise measurements and get an idea of what you are looking for. Computer templates are used as a starting point to create vehicle wraps. However, specific measurements allow us customize the templates and make sure the design fits perfectly.

Sin #5 – I need my rush job immediately.

Custom work takes time. Even if you have a rush job, every design team will try to accommodate your schedule. Sometimes deadlines change, and suddenly ‘I need this next week’ becomes ‘I required it yesterday’. Remember that a design shop is limited in its ability to do as much as it can. You still need to fit your rush job into the regular production schedule. It takes time to produce quality work, so rushed jobs can look rushed.

Sin #6 – I proofread my work whenever I feel like it, whether that’s this week or next week.

Rapid proofing accelerates the design process. Good design companies will be willing to work with you on revisions and edits, but remember that proofing and changing takes time. Customers should allow for 2-5 days for proofing, review, and approval. Although it may seem long, I have learned through experience that change can be slow.

What can we do to speed up the process? If the customer responds quickly, the design proofing process will be much more efficient. Although I understand that you are busy, it is important to take the time to look at your proof immediately after you receive it. Do not wait for the proof to arrive. By the time the design shop receives your changes, it will be a few days past.

Sin #7 – There is no need to spend money on quality materials

Cut costs, not quality. Window graphics and vehicle advertising are cost-effective marketing tools that can generate thousands of impressions. They also provide a great return for your investment. Poorly printed, applied, and designed graphics can reflect badly on your brand. Outdoor signage should be protected from the sun, dirt, and elements with professional lamination. This will preserve your ink and keep your colors vibrant. Make sure that the lamination is done using a machine that applies a clear layer vinyl to the graphic. Although it may be cheaper to use liquid lamination, which is applied by hand, it looks inferior and is easy to fade and peel. A lamination press is a sign of a reputable shop. To ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy shop, ask to see the machine.

Don’t take off graphics or alter your look if you don’t want them to be removed. You could endanger your car if you do not follow the instructions. To have everything taken care of, bring your vehicle to a shop. They have all the tools necessary to make your removal simple and safe.

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