Location of Intelsat Registered FSS Receive Earth Stations Operating in the 3700 – 4200 MHz Band

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The Importance of Earth Station Registration

As has been clearly shown, C band Earth Stations require protection from terrestrial deployments to continue providing services to their users throughout the Americas.  A key part of this is ensuring that Administrations have records which accurately pinpoint the locations of all C band Earth Stations.

Since individual licenses are not usually required for FSS earth stations - such as ‘Television Receive-Only’ (TVRO) terminals -  there is no central record of their locations.  Therefore it is not feasible for BWA to share with them in the
same geographical area since no minimum separation can be guaranteed.

The FSS community is working towards the efficient registration of all C band Earth Stations and welcomes input from CITEL Members on the Earth Station Registration template included on this website.  The FSS community would also welcome comments from CITEL Members on what information would be most helpful for guiding their regulatory decision making process with regard to licensing new services in the C band.

Procedures to register Earth Stations at the ITU

Example Registration Form